Father's Day Website BannerHow to Tell the Value of a Preschool
“When I grow up I want to be a preschool teacher.”
  These are the words of my six-year old daughter Morgan, who attended Trinity Lutheran Preschool.
  Her teachers helped make her preschool experience a positive one. She loved to attend school and was mad when I made her stay home for a sick day. Each day was a new adventure in learning and a chance to grow in mind, body and spirit. I was excited and impressed by the things she was learning and the new friends she was making.
  I didn’t realize how impressed I was, though, till Morgan started kindergarten this year. I knew she was ready from the evaluations the teachers had done at TLP. I was amazed though when she mastered the Kindergarten KRAWL test!
  Of course I’d like to think that she’s some kind of genius, but the truth is, she was prepared and ready. Through the testing and evaluations at TLP, we knew what areas to work on and improve.
  I would and do recommend Trinity Lutheran Preschool to any parent looking for a quality preschool education for their child.
– Jennifer Lang, Grafton